Grange Month 2015


Dear Grange Member,

April 2015 is going to be a great month to celebrate the Grange. I hope that each member is getting excited about how we can share our great organization with people in our community.

You might hold an open house or a reception for your community; invite friends and acquaintances to a breakfast, tea or dinner. Perhaps your Grange will carry out a special project or recognize outstanding achievement to commemorate Grange month.

Our organization is nearing 150 years of sharing American Values while never forgetting our Hometown Roots. This year would be a wonderful opportunity to begin looking forward to this historic milestone by reflecting on the ways our Order has been a positive impact in your community.

Across our nation, Grange hands are joined for education, social connection, business that benefits our members, legislative advocacy, and service to others. We believe each must learn and grow as individuals, become connected with others through the Grange in order to provide a true grassroots voice to aid our legislators and serve others through cooperation and caring.

Note: There will not be a physical Grange Month mailing this year but material will be available for you to download.  


  2015 Grange Month Material Now!! Doc Type Download
Grange Month President's Letter


Grange Month Proclamation


Grange Month Poster (letter size - jpg)


Grange Month Poster (11 x 17 size)


Grange Month Poster (18 x 22 size)


Grange Month Sample Media Alert (word doc)


Grange Month Sample Press Release (word doc)


Additional Press Release Information (word doc)


Grange Store Sales Catalog


Citizenship Award Order Form


Membership Letter


Building Kit (version 1.8)


First Four Degree Word Search


Grange Communication Handbook


100 Ways to Recruit Part I


100 Ways to Recruit Part II


Ebook Ad