The bylaws of the California State Grange require that an annual session of the State Grange be held (See Article 5, Section 3) between the 15th of September and the 15th of October, inclusive. The exact dates and location shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Delegates and Committee Members:
As a delegate, committee member or State Officer, you will be provided direction via email on how to access session documents from Dropbox.

Session Dates

  October 1st to the 3rd

Session Locations


This year, the Annual Session will be held at the Orangevale Grange Hall, Sacramento CA.

Session Schedule

  Not Currently Available - Not approved by the Board of Directors. 

Delegate / Registration Forms

  The deadline for registration will be September 15.

Resolution Submission Forms

  The deadline for resolution submission is September 1st.

Expo Forms

  Available on theExpo Page (Click here to view)


  Please use this link to view hotel accomodations in Orangevale using the Trivago website Preset with Session dates and for adult double occupancy.