Grange Youth Fair Program

How The GYF Program Operates



Community/Subordinate Grange

In order to have a Youth Fair Program (GYFP), there must be Community/Subordinate Grange. It is the basic structure in the hierarchy of our organization.

The Committee

The GYFP is a committee within the structure of the Community/Subordinate Grange. As such the committee members operate under the overall guidence of the Community/Subordinate Grange.  The current Grange Youth Fair Handbook is avaiable for download by clicking here.

The Purpose of the Committee

1. To comply with the Grange Fair Program at the Local, County and State levels

2. Administer such rules and regulations as approved by the Grange Fair Program Director for members of the ommittee who are participating in the Grange Youth Fair Program.

3. Provide adult leadership and youth leadership development that will compliment the Grange at all levels.

4. Hear complaints of infractions of the Grange Youth Fair Program Rules and to submit rulings and decisions for the resolution of such issues.

How the Committee works within a Grange

The following rules have been adopted by the National Grange and shall apply to all Granges in which the committee known as “Grange Fair Program, has been organized.

#1 - The GYFP shall be a standing committee of the of all Community/Subordinate and Pomona Granges.

#2 - The GYFP Leader  shall be appointed by the President of the Grange. The Leader must be a Fourth Degree Member in Good Standing within the Grange and at least 25 years of age. The Leader may recommend any number of Assistants as required to further the aims of the program. The committee will select a Secretary to record the minutes of the meeting, and a Treasurer to make an account of any funds, both of which must be a member in good standing in the Community/Subordinate Grange.

#3 - Membership in the GYFP Committee shall be composed of: all adult volunteers serving as fair project leaders, such members who serve on GYFP committees, all  youth ages  5 to 19.  The ages may vary depending on local fair rules.

#4 - There shall be no additional dues beyond those membership dues that are required for Grange membership.

#5 - The GYFP committee may hold fundraising event, when coordinated with their Grange.

#6 - Meetings of the GYFP will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised), where the Grange Digest of Laws is silent.

#7 - Voting on motions and actions of the committee shall be signified by the raising of the right hand.

#8 - In the event that a Grange member (age 5 to 19) wishes to participate in the GYFP but there is not sufficient participation or support within his/her Grange to establish a committee, such member may participate in the activities of an adjoining GYFP Committee, if the leaders approve.  Such a member will continue to exhibit under the name of his/her home Grange. If such a member resides in a county in which no GYFP Committees currently are in operation, a Pomona Grange Committee may form a GYFP Committee.