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As a California Grange Member, we have developed a series of web pages to highlight membership benefits that are available to you.

Latest News Mark the dates 9/22-9/25 State Annual Session - Click here for more info.

What is the Grange?


How Does It Work


Program History

The first thing that you need to know is what is the Grange. It was organized in California in 1873 (read more)   The Grange Youth Fair Program is not a seperate program from the Grange, it is a committee of the Grange (read more)   The Youth Fair Program traces it roots back to 1982 (read more)


How To Organize A Committee


Funding A GYFP


Program Rules

The Grange Youth Fair Program is a committee of the Grange and under the direction of Grange and the committee advisors (read more)   Each GYFP is responsible for conducting its own fund raising activities. Approval of the State Grange is not required. (read more)   The State Grange has the responsiblity for developing the program rules and to see that they are followed (read more)


Code of Ethics


Leader Training


Background Checks

Each partisipant in the Program is required to sign and agree to follow the Code of Ethics (read more)   Watch for notification that our Leader training is available. (read more)   All adults who work with any of the partisipants of the GYFP are required to have a background check (read more)


Join Us - County Lookup


Fair Vests and more...


Fairs - Verify Youth Membership

View a list of Grange to find one near to your home. If there is not a nearby Grange, contact us about how to organize one. (read more)   Looking for approved Grange Youth Fair Program items? (read more)   If you are part of the Fair management team, can verify if a young person is a member of the Grange Youth Fair Program and eligible to show.