Grange Youth Fair Program

Who Are We?


We are the Kids in the red vests!

We who wear the RED VESTS are the young people who belong to the Grange and are part of the Grange Youth Fair Program. We are readily identified by the red vests that we wear when showing our animals at the Fair. If you are interest in having a Grange Youth Fair Program organized in your area, you can contact for more information.



In 1982, the California State Grange adopted a resolution that established the Youth Fair Program. (Click here for our history)

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is a cabinet-level agency in the government of California.

One component of CDFA is the Division of Marketing Services which is responsible for Fairs & Expositions.

The responsiblity of Fairs & Expositions is to provides fiscal and policy oversight of the network of California fairs and ensures the best use of available funding and other services.

Fairs & Expositions also provides the rules for all the rules that apply to all competitive exhibits conducted by district, citrus and county fairs in the State of California.

It is these rules that recognize the Grange as being an equal program with 4H and FFA. Click here to get State Rules.

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