2015 Annual Session Gallery

Click on an photo to view larger image. Photo Credits - Christina Webster, Amanda Thomas and LoRee Lampke

An evening of legendary Western Music with Rusty Richards, former member of Roy Rogers "Sons of the Pioneers" and special guest, his son, Jason Richards.

Morgan Hill Grange recognized for years of service to the Order.

State Secretary & State Treasurer's office, Production Room, and Degree Rehearsal all in one!!

Ann Larson accepts membership award for Central Union Grange.

Grover City Grange recognized for membership growth.


Prundale Grange recognized for membership gain.

Orangvale Grange recognized for 105 years of service to the Order.

Master Ed Komski, making a point!

National Master Ed Luttrell, telling a story about the Komski's at National Session.

That was funny, but you had to be there!

Committees working on resolutions.

More committee work.

The ever-watchful Lee Geiger, State Gatekeeper protem.

There were lots of opportunities to get reacquainted with old friends and make new ones.

Catching up on Grange and family news.

Meals were prepared by local Granges

Meals were also a good time to catch up with Grange friends

Morgan Hill Grangers

More meal activities

The West Family

Dixon Grangers at their first State Session

Dixon Grange Charter was presented.

Kids always find a way to entertain themselves!

Getting ready to go back into session from a recess

Durning election of officers, nominees were introduced and answered some questions about themselves.

5th and 6th Degree candidates

A special treat, Michael Martin, National Grange Membership Director, administered the obligation to Jonathan West, with family watching. Jonathan recently returned from an overseas deployment.

Lillian Booth, State Secretary and Martha Stefenoni, State Musician catching up on families. Special Thanks to Washington and Montana for the loan of State Grange sashes.

Michael Martin, National Grange Membership Director, was our special guest.

Installion of Officers, Christina Webster and Amanda Thomas, Reglia and Emblem bearers.

New State Officers, taking the Obligation for ther Installation into office.

More State Officers taking Obligation of Installation into office.

Installation of Mike Warner, State Overseer

Installation of Barbara Geiger, State Lecturer

Installation of Randy Turnquist, State Steward. Escorted by Installing Marshall, his daughter, Emily Turnquist.

Installation of Joseph Stefonni, State Assistant Steward

Installation of Suzi Laskowski, State Lady Assistant Steward

Installation of Bud Hill, State Treasurer

Installation of Bill Compton, State Chaplian

Installtion of Brandon Nebitt, State Gatekepper

LoRee Lampke was installed as State Ceres

Nola Martini was installed as State Pomona

Jamie West was intalled as State Flora

Lillian Booth, State Secretary was thanked by Board of Directors for all her work setting up the Session

Marie Haley and Lillian Booth

State Officer Team

Michael Martin presented a membership program to the members

Back in Session

Elsie Rodriquiz made a special presentation to CSG attorney Jeffrey Skinner, as a thanks from Prundale Grange

Expo exhibit in the background

Degree Candidates - lots of new lessons learned!

5th Degree Team

Obligation of Jonathan West as new member

Our new Graces!

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