Contacting Key Officers and Directors of the California State Grange

This page will provide you with contact information for some of the key Officers and Directors of the State Grange leadership team. In order to protect our Officers and Directors from spam and other solications not related to the Grange, we use web forms that when sent, goes to that Officer or Director.

The State Office:

By US Mail:

Please Address Mail To:

California State Grange
3830 U Street
Sacramento, CA 95817

State Leadership Team:

Joseph Stefenoni, President

For Grange By-Laws, Conflict Management Questions, discipline, and problem-solving, Joseph Stefenoni, President, of the California State Grange is the go-to person.

Contact Joseph by phone at: 916-454-5805


Vince Scholten, Vice-President

Vince is the Vice-President of the State Grange and assists Joseph in all areas of the State Grange By-Laws, rules of the Grange, and conflict management questions for the local Granges.



Lillian Booth, Secretary

The State Grange Secretary maintains the data and integrity of the Grange membership lists, corporate compliance for Granges, membership awards, Journals of Proceedings, backgrounds for Grange Youth leaders as the Custodian of Records, and corporate functions for the State Grange, and so much more.

Lillian can be contacted by phone at: 916-454-5808

Suzanne Davis, State Grange Lecturer

Suzanne is the State Grange Lecturer which is the same as a Program Director. She is responsible for various programs at the State Grange Annual Session. She is also responsible assisting the Community Grange Lecturers with developing their programs.

Martha Stefenoni, Membership Director, & Administrative Manager for the California State Grange Properties

Martha wears several hats --
Contact Martha for Membership Development questions, Martha works to organize and reorganize Granges throughout the State.

As the Administrative Property Manager for the State Grange, Martha coordinates the care and oversight of the Grange Halls we are working to repopulate in and around the State.

Martha can be reached by phone at: 916-541-6836

Katie Squire, State Grange Expo Director

Contact Katie for all things contests and programs for your Community Grange. She is a great resource. Check out the CA State Expo Facebook page for recipes, ideas, and information. If you have questions about Grange Expo coming up in September - Katie is your go-to person.


Communications Director

An appointment to be the Communications Director has not been made at this time. As soon as that appointment has been made, we will update this page.


Steven Hood, Lead Field Representative & Grange Foundation President

Steven is the Lead Field Representative (previously known as Deputy) for the State Grange. He works with his current team of Field Representatives, Will Shaw, Paul & Susan Hanks, Jerry & Linda Macklem, Chad Smith, Jini Reynolds, Jeff Box, Kathy Moley & Maurice Viand, to help mentor Granges in education, answering questions, and helping grow Granges in their communities. Please contact Steven with your questions and he will find a way or person to help you.

Steven is also the President of the California State Grange Foundation, the 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit held by the State Grange to do the charitable work of the Grange. This Foundation is available as a pass through from a donor directly to your Community Grange, when your donors want tax deductions. Or - if your Grange has a grant that requires a grant administrator, the Grange Foundation is available to the Community Granges in good standing.