How To Write A Resolution:

The easiest way to write a resolution is to do it backward!  And using word processing software make this even easier!  There are three basic parts, 1- the heading or title, 2- the perambulatory clauses which are the Whereas clauses and 3- the operative clauses, which is the Resolve or action statement(s).

Lets get started and write a resolution

• Step 1: Have an idea!  For this example, let’s suppose that it is require that all food products treated with the pesticide Diphenylamine be labeled with a warning to the consumer.

• Step 2: Start with the Resolved. It should be all caps and followed by a colon.  Next add the statement of what you want to accomplish.  In this case a warning label if Diphenylamine had been used. Remember, that the Resolved needs to stand on its own, in other words, if you only had the Resolved, You would know that action was to be taken.   The resolved would look like this.

RESOLVED: That all food products for sale in the United States that are treated with the pesticide Diphenylamine (known as DPA), shall require a warning label, advising the consumer that this pesticide was used in the production of this food product.

• Step 3: The next step in the process is to tell why you the warning labels.  This is done with a series of one or more whereas statements.  Each whereas should be a single complete statement.  Don’t run together too much in the whereas.  Again, the word Whereas should be all caps, followed by a colon.  If more than one whereas is to be used, add a comma at the end, followed by and.  If the whereas is last one before the resolved, finish the line with a comma and the words “therefore be it”

WHEREAS: The pesticide Diphenylamine (known as DPA) is commonly applied to about 80% of all apples, except for organic apples, and is used to prevent storage scald, blacking or browning of the apple skin when in cold storage, and

WHEREAS: The use of DPA has been banned in the European Union over safety concerns, therefor be it:

• Step 4. Now you need a title.  Again, simple and to the point is best. Also, it is best to request some type of action as part of the title, but that is not necessary.

Require warning labels when Diphenylamine is used.

• Step 5. After the title, it is recommended you indicate who is submitted the resolution.  Since the resolution will be used to establish Grange policy, use the name of your Grange.

Submitted by Mygrange # 100

• Step 6: Almost done. Now rearrange the parts you created above in the following order to complete the resolution.

Submitted by

The final step is to present to your Grange, and ask them to adopt it and send on to the State Grange.

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