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Latest News Mark the dates 9/22-9/25 State Annual Session - Click here for more info.

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State Annual Session


Legislative Program

If you need to contact the State Grange Office, a State Officer or Director, click here for contact information...   The 148th Annual Session of the California State Grange will be held September 20th to 23rd in Petaluma Ca....   The Grange has a long history of legislative action and advocay on behalf of rural Ca...




Your Grange and...


Corporation Docs

The Grange has adopted Laws and Rules for the governance of divisions at all levels. Click to learn more...   How does your Grange interact with the government at Local, County, State and Federal levels...   Every California corporation has various documents on file with State and Federal government. You can view ours here...


Community Service


Grange Store


Questions & Answers

Since 1867, serving our communities has been a keystone of our organization...   Looking for Grange branded items? Check out Grange supplies...   Got a question about Grange? Submit it your questions online!


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Grange Graphics

Starting in 2012 a legal issued developed when the CSG Master declared the State Grange independent ...   As a member of the Grange you are entitled to various benefits...   Need Grange Graphics? Check out our library...


Grange Foundation


How decisions are made...


National Annual Session

Our Foundation is a 501C3 organization that will handle our charitable funds. Learn more...   Learn how does a Grange make decisions... The 157th Annual Session of the National Grange will be held in Niagara Falls, N.Y. November 14-18 2023...


Journals - State Grange


Journals - National Grange

Each year the California State Grange publishes a Journal of Proceeding ...   Our Foundation is a 501C3 organization that will handle our charitable funds. Learn more...