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California State Officers and Directors:

Page Name Managed By
State Grange Facebook Page  
State Grange Lecturer Katie Squire, State Lecturer
CSG Fair Program Tacy Currey, Director
Community Service Martha Stefenoni, Director
Expo Committee Katie Squire, Director
Facebook Group for Lecturers Katie Squire, State Lecturer

California Subordinate Granges*:

Page Name Managed By
Little Lake Grange Subordinate Grange
Marshall Grange Subordinate Grange
Ono Grange Subordinate Grange
Orangevale Grange Subordinate Grange
Redwood Valley Grange Subordinate Grange
Rio Linda Grange Subordinate Grange
Sebastopol Grange Subordinate Grange
Sierra Valley Grange Subordinate Grange
Wyandotte Grange Subordinate Grange

National Grange:

Page Name Managed By
National Grange Facebook Page  
National Grange Foundation Facebook Page  
National Grange Lecturer Chris Hamp, National Lecturer
National Grange Community Service Pete Pompper, National Community Service Director
National Grange Chaplain Barbara Borderieux, National Chaplain
National Grange Youth Dept. Mandy Bostwick, Youth & Young Adults Director
National Grange Junior Dept. Samantha Wilkins, National Junior Director

* Note: Subordinate Grange links will be removed if they are not updated at least yearly.