Overview of the 140th Annual Session
June 26th - 28th, 2015

Record Setting Session held in Orangevale!

There were a lot of ways that the recently held annual session of the California State Grange could be considered as record setting.  The first is it was the first meeting of the reorganized State Grange!, the second was the fact that 63% of the eligible Granges in Good Standing, had voting representative registered, the third was the very important guests at our session, and the final was the classy entertainment that was held on Friday night for our members.

Delegates and members were busy working on getting reaquinted with old friends, working on resolutions and just basking in the spirit of being Grangers, doing what we do without disension or accramony. 

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When our State Grange was reorganized in 2014, the delegate elected a Master, Secretary and three members of the Executive Committee as our Board of Directors.  They were tasked with the getting the Grange running and presenting a set of By-Laws for the delegates to adopt. The National Digest specifies that State Officers are elected for a two year period, their term of office will expire in 2016.  READ MORE...

The 140th Annual Session of the California State Grange is one for the history books. With 63% of our Granges represented, it is one of the best attended session in the last 100 years. We are preparing a complete article with pictures, to appear in the near future. READ MORE...

Where can you view the best of the best - at the Grange Expo, that is where. Under the direction of Katie Squire, the Grange Expo is like a mini county fair (without the animals) Read who are the winner!

Not avaliable yet - please check back later. 

PHOTOS: Lots of photos were taken durning the session, here are a few that we got copies of.
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The delegates voted to hold the 2016 annual session at the Morgan Hill Grange, in Santa Clara County. Exact dates will be published later, but it will be the end of June.