What Is The Grange

One of the most difficult questions to answer is what is the Grange. Ask a hundred members and you'll very likely get a hundred different answers. We each see the Grange differently, depending on your expectations of the organization.

  • It is a fraternal organization, with its ritual steeped in agriculture.
  • It is a family organization, with membership starting at age 5.
  • It is an organization that was among the first to recognize the role of women, by admitting them on an equal basis with men.
  • It is a community service organization, doing service for others has always been a key element of a Grange.
  • It is a social organization, providing opportunities for all members of a community to come together.
  • It is an organization that provides for opportunities for young people to learn leadership skills.
  • It is a non-partisan organization, as our by-laws prohibit partisan discussion and actions.
  • It is a nondenominational organization.
  • It is an organization that believes in the education of its members.
  • It is an organization the strives to develop a higher manhood and womanhood of its members.

C. Jerome Davis, of the National Grange, once said this about our ritual.

"While the Grange does not live for or by Ritual alone, the Ritualistic structure is the lifeblood of the Order. It is the ingredient that brings us together in harmonious relationship to work for the good of all people everywhere.

The teachings of the ritual enable our Order to be political without being partisan, religious without being denominational, and though it binds its members with a strong fraternal tie, it assures a complete individuality.

So, who are we? There is one way to find out, and that is to join us and see for your self, just who we are and maybe you'll add another definition of who we are!