Grange Youth Fair Program



Program History

In 1982, the California State Grange adopted a resolution that established the Youth Fair Program. It has since been adopted by the National Grange.

The National Grange Fair Program offers Junior Grange and Grange Youth members the opportunity to exhibit at County Fairs and Expositions within a State that has recognized and approved the National Grange Fair Program. The mission of the National Grange Fair Program Leadership is to maximize the potential of our Junior Grange members and Grange Youth by providing guidance as they develop a greater understanding and appreciation for our agricultural abundance, as well as creating and developing individual skills.

Through the leader’s planning, teaching, and encouragement of these young people in their hands-on projects, and the cooperative and competitive experience of exhibiting at fairs they will become more responsible, self-directed, and successful citizens in our society.

Code of Ethics

The basic premise of the Grange (The Order of Patrons of Husbandry) is to instill a moral sense of values in all of its members. Included in our ceremonies are statements regarding the fair treatment of animals that supply us with the sustenance we require.

Should a member be found to have treated an animal in other than a humane manner, as prescribed by industry standards, or have allowed a deviation from the rules governing each fair, that member shall be re- moved from that competition, from future competition in all divisions, and from the Grange Fair Program as a whole. A complaint in regards to the humane treatment of animals or violations of the Code of Ethics will be filed initially with the local Grange Fair Program Director, Board or Committee. A decision of the local Grange Fair Program Director, Board or Committee may be appealed in the following sequence: 1) Subordinate Grange Master; 2) the Regional Grange Fair Representative; 3) State Grange Fair Program Committee; 4) the State Grange Fair Program Director; 5) the State Grange Master, in accordance with the adjudication provisions of the National Grange Code of Judicial Law, Chapter XII, Section I and subsequent Subsections.

Each Project Leader and participant exhibiting animals, and parents of such exhibitors, shall attend the currently approved Ethics and Quality Assurance classes and sign the Code of Ethics annually. A copy of the signed Code of Ethics will be on file with the Local Grange Team Leader and a copy included in the exhibitor’s project record book, attached to the project book. Each exhibitor is also required to have a properly signed and dated performance contract on file with their GYF leader and a copy of this form in their project record book. The basic premise of the Grange (The Order of Patrons of Husbandry) is to instill a moral sense of values in all of its members. Included in our ceremonies are statements regarding the fair treatment of animals that supply us with the sustenance we require.

The Grange celebrates over 150 years of community spirit and citizenship of its members. We have endeavored to create a quality program and will enforce that program to the best of our ability. Should you witness an animal or other project being mistreated in other than an ethical manner, or have knowledge of a rules violation, you are encouraged to contact your Regional Representative, the Directors of the State Program or the Master of the State Grange through the State Grange office. The National Grange Fair Program Director is the final authority on matters relative to the functions of this program and will strive to make corrections as necessary.

The Purpose of the Committee

Coordinate the National Grange Fair Program at the Local, County and State levels to meet the needs of Junior Grange members ages 5 to14, and Fraternal Grange members ages 14 to 19 inclusive (Grange Youth).

Administer such rules and regulations as approved by the Grange Fair Program Director for members of Junior and Subordinate Granges that are participating in the National Grange Fair Program.

Provide adult leadership and youth leadership development that will compliment the Grange at all levels.

Hear complaints of infractions of the National Grange Fair Program Rules and to submit rulings and decisions for the resolution of such issues.

Task of the GFP Committee

The following rules have been adopted by the National Grange and shall apply to all Granges in which the committee known as “Grange Fair Program,” hereinafter referred to as the “GFP,” has been organized.

#1 - The GFP shall be a standing committee of the State or National Grange, and of all Subordinate and Pomona Granges sponsoring a Junior Grange which exhibits and/or having Grange Youth members who exhibit at shows, fairs and expositions, or expressing interest in the GFP program.

#2 - The GFP Chairman shall be appointed by the Master of the Grange. The Chairman must be a Fourth Degree Member in Good Standing within the Grange and at least 25 years of age. The Chairman may recommend any number of Assistants as required to further the aims of the program. The committee will select a Secretary to record the minutes of the meeting, and a Treasurer to make an account of any funds, both of which must be a member in good standing in the Subordinate or Junior Grange.

#3 - Membership in the GFP Committee shall be composed of: all adult volunteers serving as fair project leaders, such members who serve on local fair committees and/or boards, the Grange Youth Advisor and Junior Grange Leader (or their appointed representatives [age 21+]), Grange youth exhibitors ages 14+, and Junior Grange exhibitors ages 5 to 14.

#4 - There shall be no additional dues beyond those membership dues that are required for Grange and Junior Grange membership.

#5 - Meetings of the GFP will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised), where the Grange Digest of Laws is silent.

#6 - Voting on motions and actions of the committee shall be signified by the raising of the right hand.

#7 - In the event that a Junior Grange member (age 5 to 14) or a Grange member (age 14 to 19) wishes to participate in the Grange Fair Program but there is not sufficient participation or support within his/her Grange to establish a committee, such member may participate in the activities of an adjoining GFP Committee. Such a member will continue to exhibit under the name of his/her home Grange. If such a member resides in a county in which no GFP Committees currently are in operation, a Pomona Committee will be formed.

Background Check Requirement

The job of protecting our youth belongs to everyone!. To demonstrate how important this is, the California State Grange has incorporated it into its By-Laws. This is codified in Section 8.5.8 of the By-Laws, and it reads:

8.5.8 Special Requirements; Background Checks - It shall be a requirement that a background check shall be required for any appointments where the members’ duties will require any supervision of any Youth or Junior Members, under the age of 18.

Background Check - Access Request (eform)
  Click on the image to the left to open the Background Check Access Regest Form. This form will be sent to the State Grange Secretary who will verify membership and send you details on how to complet the Background Check.