This timeline is a chronology of events and Court filings/rulings regarding the National Grange, California State Grange (McFarland Group) and the California State Grange (Reorganized)



Oct 2009 Robert McFarland elected President of California State Grange



Oct 2011   Robert McFarland elected President of California State Grange



08/2012   Robert McFarland suspended as President of CSG by National President
09/17/2012   Charter Of State Grange Suspended
10/01/2012   National Grange files suit to obtain control of CSG assets
11/15/2012   McFarland Group files Cross-Complaint against Martha Stefenoni / Shirley Baker



04/05/2013   Charter of California State Grange Revoked
04/04/2013   Internal process (Grange Trial) against McFarland on hold as judge considers request for injunction.
04/05/2013   Requested that McFarland return charter to National Grange (not complied with)
04/19/2013   Injunction delays Grange trial of McFarland
06/28/2013   National Grange requests Subordinate and Pomona Granges to report directly to National Grange
07/10/2013   National Grange reports results of Grange Trial of Jon Luvaas
11/2013   Letter of disaffiliation presented to National Grange by McFarland and seven others



10/10/2014   Motion for summary judgement filed by National Grange
02/10/2014   Baker and Stefenoni Motion for summary judgement filed
03/21/2014   Granges in Good Standing meet in Sacramento and request that National Grange reorganize State Grange
07/14/2014   National Grange reogranizes the California State Grange and presents Charter
11/18/2014   McFarland file suit against Komski and Booth in Butte County Superior Court



01/07/2015   Tentative ruling in favor of National Grange
01/14/2015   Plaintiffs-in-Intervention staus granted to California State Grange
01/15/2015   Motion to transfer Butte County Superior Case to Sacramento Superior Court, and consolidate with existing case
01/15/2015   Court dismisses McFarland's defamation claims against National Grange
01/15/2015   McFarland Group motion to delay trademark case is denied
06/15/2015   National Grange files motion for summary judgement in Federal Court Trademark suit against McFarland Group.
08/18/2015   Final rulings on motion for summary judgement granted - declaring that 1) following revocation of the California State Grange’s Charter in April 2013, the McFarland Group is not part of The Grange and cannot retain the California State Grange’s property; 2) the California State Grange was properly reorganized in July 2014 and is the only Grange entity entitled to use and control that property; and 3) the Grange property in the McFarland Group’s possession and/or control should revert to the California State Grange.
10/01/2015   Permanent injunction handed down by Federal Judge in Trademark Case. McFarland Group not to use name "Grange"
10/21/2015   The Sacramento Superior Court granted an injunction to protect a portion of the Grange property currently in possession of Mr. McFarland and his group.
11/16/2015   The Sacramento Superior Court entered final judgment on the National Grange’s claims in the state court lawsuit. That judgment mirrors the Court’s order granting summary judgment to the National Grange. In particular, the following rulings were made and entered as final. McFarland Group “has no standing to retain any real and personal property belonging to the Grange"