Junior Grange Membership
The 1+ Program

What is The 1+ Junior Grange Program?

At the 147th Annual Session of the National Grange, at Manchester New Hampshire, the delegates adopted changes to Grange Laws that allow for an individual Junior Grange membership in any Subordinate/Community Grange. What this means is that any Subordinate/Community Grange can have a Junior Grange Program with as little as one child age 5 to 14 years. That is the "1" part of the program. The "+" part of the program is that you don't have to stop at 1, it is the starting point.

This means that any Subordinate/Community Grange, anyplace in the Nation, can start with a single Junior Grange age child and build a Junior Grange program from there. Here is the by-law change:


Be It Resolved, that a new section 4.6.2 be added to the National Grange By-Laws, Article VI, Membership, as follows:

4.6.2.  If no Junior Grange is available, an individual between five and fourteen years of age may be proposed as a candidate for membership and elected an individual Junior member of a Subordinate/Community Grange as follows:

A.  Submit an application for individual Junior membership to a Subordinate/Community Grange accompanied by the prescribed application fee.
B. Receive a recommendation for membership from one member of a Subordinate/Community Grange.
C. Election to membership shall be by paper ballot at a regular meeting of the Subordinate/Community Grange.
D. Full membership to the Junior program is attained by candidates upon conferral of the Junior Grange Obligation ceremony or Junior Degree.
E.  At such time as a Junior Grange is chartered the individual member shall automatically become a member of the new Junior Grange with no interruption of membership.  If a Junior Grange charter is revoked or surrendered, the member may be changed to “individual” status with no interruption of membership.
F.  Junior Grange membership shall terminate at the end of the Grange year in which the Junior member reaches age 14.


Be It Resolved, that Chapter 4, Article IX, Meetings, Section 4.9.1 be amended as follows:

4.9.1 Junior Granges – Shall meet at least once each month if sponsored by a Subordinate Grange; once each quarter if sponsored by a Pomona Grange; once each year if sponsored by a State Grange.  Such Granges may vote to hold additional meetings.  An Individual Junior member of a Subordinate/Community Grange shall meet at least once each month with their Junior Leader.  (Continue with second paragraph.)

Furthermore, Junior Grange Code was changed as follows:


Be It Resolved, that the Digest of Laws, Chapter 5, Code of the Junior Grange, Organization, Sections 5.1.10 and 5.1.11 be removed and replaced with the following wording:

5.1.10  Junior Grangers shall develop their leadership skills, participate in community service projects, educational activities and fun with fellow Grangers.  Individual Junior members of Subordinate/Community Granges are entitled to earn awards and enter Junior contests, beginning with the 2013-14 Grange year; and

Be It Further Resolved, that a new section 5.2.2 be added as follows:

5.2.2  All Junior leaders and assistants will receive training through the Grange organization.

Renumber the remaining sections of Section 5.2.

So, As a Grange,how do we proceed?

The National Grange Junior Grange Developement Director, recommends that you take the following steps:

  1. 1. Each Grange should appoint a Junior Grange Development Committee - their function will be to look for children ages 5 to 14, who would be interested in the Junior Grange program. The best starting point is to look at the children and grandchildren of existing members.

  2. 2. A Junior Grange Leader, and assistants Leaders should be appointed. They could also function as the JG Development Committee. The leader and assistants should make themselves familiar with the National Grange Junior Program, and also the State Grange Program for the state in which they reside.

  3. 3. Recruit the prospective Junior Grange members, identified in Step 1. Get applications, signed by parents, and submit to your Grange for approval.

  4. 4. Chances are you'll be starting with more that 1 Junior Grange member, if so, you are well on your way to having fun and adventures with these new Junior Grangers. Remember that you need to meet with Junior Grange members at least once a month (See Chapter 4, Article IX, Section 4.9.1).

  5. 5. Now you are on your way to growing into a full fledged Junior Grange - that's the "+" part!

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