Federal Court Documents
Case # CIV. NO. 2:14-00676 WBS DAD

Court Documents relating to the Trademark lawsuit filed by the National Grange, against the are organized by date. The oldest dates are at the top of the list, most recent at the bottom of the list. Format of date is YYYY MM DD To view document, click on the name of the document. Document will open in new window. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view documents.


Date Filed
Document # Pages Filed By
2015 07 14 Motion on Summary Judgement - National Grange 20 Judge Shubb
2015 09 30 Federal Trademark Suit Issues Final Injuction in National Grange Favor 2 Judge Shubb
2016 01 12 Order RE: Motion To Stay Injuction Pending Appeal 5 Judge Shubb