The State Grange publishes various handbooks and guides to assist our Subordinate/Community Granges in serving their members and the community in which they are located. These publication are in an Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader or compatible software to view.

What Publications Are Available:

Legislative Policy Handbook
  Each year at the annual session, the delegates from the Subordinate/Community and Pomona Granges adopt resolutions that set the policy of the California State Grange. The Legislative Policy Handbook is compilation of current policies for the State Grange.  
  Presidents Handbook
  This is the how to guide for Grange President.  
  Secretary Handbook
  This is the how to guide for Grange Secretaries.  
  Treasurer Handbook
  This is the how to guide for Grange Treasurers and other members invovled in Grange finances.  
  Grange Youth Fair Program
  The National Grange Fair Program offers Junior Grange and Grange Youth members the opportunity to exhibit at County Fairs and Expositions within a State that has recognized and approved the National Grange Fair Program. The mission of the National Grange Fair Program Leadership is to maximize the potential of our Junior Grange members and Grange Youth by providing guidance as they develop a greater understand- ing and appreciation for our agricultural abundance, as well as creating and developing individual skills. Through the leader’s planning, teaching, and encouragement of these young people in their hands-on projects, and the cooperative and competitive experience of exhibiting at fairs they will become more responsible, self-directed, and successful citizens in our society.  
  Flag Ceremony Guide
  Adopted in 1986, this Flag Ceremony Guide is the official guide for presenting and retiring the flag in Grange meetings.  
  Convention Hosting Guide
  The Convention Hosting Guide explains the basic requirement for hosting the annual meeting of the California State Grange.  
  Grange Expo Program Forms
  The Grange Expo is held each year at the Annual Session of the State Grange. The Expo is like a County Fair (minus the animals), and is the place that Granger can show off their talents in Canning/Cooking/Baking, Crafts, Photography, Needlework and more!  
Junior Grange Program
  The Junior Grange Guidebook and other program information is available on the National Grange website. (Click on icon on left to get visit their website)