Family & Home Arts Committee

The Family & Home Arts Committee (FHAC) is being designed as a replacement for the GWA or Grange Women's Activities committee. The HAC is a more inclusive committee, including both sexes and all ages. The FHAC is being expanded to include all aspects of home arts.

MERRIAM-WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY definds home arts as one of the arts or techniques (as cooking, sewing, baby care) concerned with the maintenance and care of a household —usually used in plural

So, you can see that the Home Arts encompasses a large number of techiques that we as a Grange can build upon. For example a lot of people are reconnecting with their heritage and are seeking to learn such skills a knitting, basic wood working, home canning etc.

We as a Grange can provide classes for such things a how to Knit, how to do home canning and more. We have these skills in our Granges and thru FHAC, we can share with others.

Meet the Family & Home Arts Committee Director

Virginia "Jini" Reynolds of Redwood Valley Grange has been appointed as the Director of Family & Home Arts Committee by State President Kent Westwood.

Watch for a complete bio for Jini, comming soon.