Junior Grange

Imporant Note: California State Grange does not charter Junior Granges in our State because of conflicts between the California Corporation Code and how Junior Granges are charter and because youth ages 5 to 14 are not able to enter into contracts. See information below on using the Junior 1+ membership program for youth ages 5 to 14.

The Junior Grange program started on a National Grange level in 1888, with the first Junior Grange organized in Texas. It is now a nation wide program, open to all youth between the age of 5 and 14. Typically a Junior Grange is sponsored by a Subordinate/Community Grange. Sometimes a Pomona or State Grange will sponsor a Junior Grange.

In 2014, a program was introduced, called The Junior 1+ program. This program allows youth ages 5 to 14 to join a Subordinate/Community Grange, and participate in all of the programs open to Junior Granges. This program also provides a way for Subordinate/Community Granges to start with a small nucleus of Junior members and build into a full Junior Grange.

For additional information, please visit the National Junior Grange website.