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Supportive Membership

Who can be an Supportive Member?

  • Any natural person can be an Associate member.

What are age requirements:

  • A natural person must be at least 18 years old.

How Do I beomce a Supportive Member?

  • Membership in the National Grange and in a State Grange as a Supportive Member may be attained by individuals who may have an interest in the advancement of agriculture and improvement of the rural life. Membership is gained and may continue during the existence of a contractual agreement between the National Grange and a business entity which is providing a product or a service to that Supportive Member. Membership may be terminated at the pleasure of the National Grange. The Supportive Member is deemed to be a Supportive Member of the State Grange in which the Supportive Member resides or does business as shown on the product/service relationship documents.

How Do I beomce a Supportive Member?

  • In California, you become a Supportive Member when you purchasing an insurance policy through the Grange Insurance Association. You can find out more about the Grange Insurance Association by clicking here. Or to find a agent, click here.

Anything else?

  • A Supportive Member will receive benefits determined by the National Grange and the Member’s State Grange. A Supportive Member shall not be entitled to attend regular Grange meetings, vote on matters of Grange policy or participate in National Grange sponsored contests that are designed for Grange Members only.