Listed below are various document from this State Grange and the National Grange that may be of interest to the membership.

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  By-Laws of the California State Grange
By-Laws of the California State Grange. These are the basic governing laws that control what the State Grange can and can not do.


  Suggested By-Laws for Subordinate/Community Granges

The State Grange has made available a suggested form of By-Laws for Subordinate/Community Grange.

When adopted by Subordinate/Community Granges, they are the basic governing laws that control what your Subordinate/Community Grange can and can not do. (Click here to download Word Version)


  Group Exemption Letter
The IRS Letter recognizing our application for a group exemption.



  Articles of Incorporation
The California State Grange Articles of Incorporation is the document that was filed with the California Secretary of State when the Grange was incorporated.


  Rules & Regulations
Rules and Regulations of the California State Grange are provicded for in the By-Laws of this Grange. They are promalgated by the Board of Directors, and approved by the Delegates.

The first set of rules and regulations will be presented at the 140th Annual Session for approval and will be posted thereafter.



  Charter of the State Grange
California State Grange Charter, issued by the National Grange (image)



National Grange Digest of Laws
The Digest of Laws of the National Grange is the governing rules, regulations and laws. All Grange By-Laws, at any level must be in conformity with Digest of Laws.