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If you lost your Grange membership because you were suspended for non-payment of dues, there are two sections in the Code of Subordinate Granges that govern your reinstatement into the Grange. Which section applies is determined by how long your member was suspended. Section 6.7.2 applies if the period is within one year from date of suspension. If beyond one year, then Section 6.7.3 applies.

6.7.2 A member, suspended for non-payment of dues, may be reinstated within one year, in the Grange from which suspended, by a majority vote. Such application for reinstatement shall be accompanied by such dues as the State Grange having jurisdiction may require. The Subordinate Grange will forward the back dues owed to the State Grange for proper distribution. Such reinstatement within one year shall be deemed to restore and maintain continuous membership status.

6.7.3 After one year, a member suspended for non-payment of dues may apply for reinstatement in any Subordinate Grange in whose jurisdiction said member may reside. Such application shall be accompanied by proof of former membership and such prescribed fee as the State Grange having jurisdiction may require. The vote shall be taken by paper ballot and the majority vote shall elect. Such member shall not be eligible for continuous membership awards.

If you want to reinstate membership in the Grange, contact the Secretary of your Community Grange.