Grange Youth Fair Program

How To Organize A GYF Program


• Within Existing Grange - Has Fair Program:

You do not need do anything more that to join that Grange. You can join as an individual (Click here for application). Or you and your family can join as a family unit. (Click here for famiy membership)


• Within Existing Grange - Does Not Have Fair Program:

If the existing Grange does not have a Youth Fair Program, contact us (Click here) and we can help by working with that Grange, explaining how they can benefit from starting a program.


• Where A Grange Does Not Currently Exist:

If you want to organize a Grange Youth Fair Program, and there is not an existing Grange in your area, then you'll need to first organize a new Grange.

The minimum number people to organize a new Grange is 13, of which there must not be less that 4 of either sex. The members that are part of the initial organization must be at least 14 years of age (13 years and six months old).

As a new Grange you'll need to elect a minimum number of officers, set dues, determine meeting dates and times, and where to meeting.

The California State Grange help guide you through the process of organization, and work with you to help you succeed as a Grange.