Officers Elected

When our State Grange was reorganized in 2014, the delegate elected a Master, Secretary and three members of the Executive Committee as our Board of Directors. They were tasked with the getting the Grange up and running and presenting a set of By-Laws for the delegates to adopt.

The National Digest specifies that State Officers are elected for a two year period unless by-laws specify otherwise. Since we did not have by-laws when they were elected, their term of office will expire in 2016, at which time they will be elected according to our by-laws.

The following officers were elected, replacing the appointed pro-tem officers.  They were elected to fill the unexpired term of office and will be up for re-election in 2016.

Office Member Home County
Overseer Michael Warner San Diego Co
Lecturer Barbara Giger Monterey Co
Steward Randy Turnquist Monterey Co
Chaplain Bill Compton San Luis Obispo Co
Assitant Steward Josphes S Sonoma Co
Lady Assistant Steward Suzi Laskowski Kern Co
Flora Jayme West San Diego Co.
Ceres LoRee Lampke Butte Co.
Pomona Nola Martini Santa Clara Co.
Gatekeeper Brandon Nebitt Kern Co
Musician Martha Stefenoni Sonoma Co

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