Journals of Proceedings - California State Grange

Journals of Proceedings are a record of the annual meetings of the State Granges. They are an excellent source of information abut what has/is happening within the Grange. They also include the new policies that were adopted by the delegates to that annual session.

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What Journals Are Available:

California State Grange Journals
    Year Session # Location Session Start Date
  Not Released 2017 142nd Santa Rosa CA  
  2016 141th Orangevale CA June 23rd
  2015 140th Orangevale CA June 26th
    2014   CSG Reorganized July 14th
    2013 Charter revoked, no legal annual meeting held
    2012 Charter revoked, no legal annual meeting held
  2011 139th Palermo October 13th
  2010 138th San Jose October 14th
  2009 137th Sacramento October 15th
  2008 136th Sacramento October 14th
  2007 135th Sacramento October 8th
  2006 134th Sacramento October 8th
  2005 133rd Redding October 12th
  2004 132nd Sparks, NV October 13th
  2003 131st Ukiah October 8th
  2002 130th Bakersfield October 9th
  2001 129th San Bernardino October 9th
  2000 128th Chico October 10th
  1999 127th Redding October 12th
  1998 126th Susanville October 13th
  1997 125th Modesto October 7th
  1996 124th Yreka October 8th
  1995 123rd Lompoc October 10th
  1994 122nd Redding October 12th
  1993 121st Paso Robles October 13th
  1992 120th Sacramento October 7th
  1991 119th Redding October 9th
  1990 118th Visalia October 11th
  1989 117th San Bernardino October 12th
  1988 116th Redding October 18th
  1987 115th Stockton October 20th
  1986 114th Bakersfield October 21st
  1985 113th Visalia October 15th
  1984 112th Santa Rosa October 16th
  1983 111th Redding October 18th
  1982 110th Bakersfield October 19th
  1981 109th Visalia October 20th
  1980 108th Riverside October 21st
  1979 107th Redding October 16th
  1978 106th Bakersfield October 17th
  1977 105th San Jose October 17th
  1976 104th Eureka October 18th
  1975 103rd Stockton October 20th
  1974 102nd Sacramento October 14th
  1973 101st Fresno October 16th
  1972 100th Redding October 17th
  1971 99th Santa Cruz October 19th
  1970 98th Santa Maria October 20th
  1969 97th Ukiah October 21st
  1968 96th Fresno October 15th
  1967 95th Riverside October 17th
  1966 94th Stockton October 18, 1966
  1965 93rd Bakersfield October 19th
  1964 92nd San Jose October 20th
  1963 91st Santa Rosa October 15th
  1962 90th Santa Monica October 16th
  1961 89th Sacramento October 17th
  1960 88th Ukiah October 18th
  1959 87th Long Beach November 9th
  1958 86th Santa Cruz October 21th
  1957 85th Paso Robles October 15th
  1956 84th Long Beach October 16th
  1955 83rd Sacramento October 18th