Official Communications - 2015

Listed below are official communications sent to Subordinate, Pomona Granges and to Members - Click on title to view pdf copy.

NOTE REGARDING LINKS: Links within these documents were working and valid at the time the document was sent. As time passes, we can not guarantee that links will remain valid.

Trademark - Opposition and Contempt (email 12/29/2015)

Happy Holidays (email 12/24/2015)

Happy Holiday from The National Grange (email 12/24/2015)

National Grange, Legislative Update December 2015 (email 12/23/2015)

One more Grange Needs Accounting & Representation - Stop the Threats! (email 12/21/2015)

Another Grange Needs Representation - Stop the Threats! (email 12/17/2015)

Stop the Threats! (email 12/16/2015)

“C” What? (email 12/16/2015)

Wrong on SO Many Levels (email 12/16/2015)

Reconciliation Clarified - Messages from the National Master Betsy Huber (email 12/15/2015)

Nat'l Grange Convention Grange Law Committee Work (email 12/09/2015)

National Grange Convention Committee Policy Statements (email 12/09/2015)

Messages from the National Grange Master (email 12/08/2015)

$500,000 - This is Just NOT Right! (email 12/05/2015)

Healing Opportunity (email 12/04/2015)


Nat'l Grange Convention Labor/Judiciary/Taxation Committee Work (email 11/26/2015)

Nat'l Grange Convention Growth & Development Committee Work (email 11/26/2015)

Nat'l Grange Convention Citizenship Committee Work (email 11/25/2015)

Nat'l Grange Convention Education & Health Committee Work (email 11/25/2015)

Happy Thanksgiving (email 11/25/2015)

Grange Hall Insurance - Promotion (email 11/25/2015)

Distinguished Grange Awards 2014-15 (email 11/25/2015)

Nat'l Grange Convention Conservation Committee Work (email 11/24/2015)

Mr. McFarland is not ....... and cannot ................ (email 11/22/2015)

Nat'l Grange Convention Ag Committee Work (email 11/22/2015)

Grange Property Clarification (email 11/21/2015)

National Grange Lecturer - Message (email 11/20/2015)

Regional Meeting - North Fork Grange - This Saturday (email 11/19/2015)

Final Judgment Entered 11/16/15 (email 11/19/2015)

National Grange Convention Recorded Activities (email 11/16/2015)

National Grange Election Results (email 11/13/2015)

Revocation of Charter - San Marcos Grange #633 (email 11/12/2015)

Update11/9/15 (email 11/09/2015)

"C" What? (email 11/03/2015)

A Letter from California State Grange President Ed Komski (email 10/28/2015)

Youth Fair Program Update (email 10/23/2015)

Let's Get it Straight! (email 10/22/2015)

Property Injunction GRANTED with attachment (email 10/22/2015)

Are you interested? (email 10/18/2015)

Director Announcement - CSG Fair Program (email 10/17/2015)

NEW WEB SITE (email 10/17/2015)

Sent to all State Masters from National Grange and for your information (email 10/16/2015)

Open Letter (email 10/07/2015)

Legal Update 10-7-15 (email 10/07/2015)

National Grange Update - Federal Trademark Case (email 10/05/2015)

Meeting @ Banner Grange - "The Future" (email 10/05/2015)

Permanent Injunction Handed Down by Federal Judge (email 10/01/2015)

Permanent Mr. McFarland - Take it Down (email 9/30/2015)

Grange Property Update Fowler & Fairfax Grange (email 9/22/2015)

National Grange Legal Update 9-22-15 (email 9/28/2015)

You Just Can't Make this Up (email 9/21/2015)

Regional Meeting and Board Meeting in Bakersfield 9-25-26 (email 9/19/2015)

California State Grange - Fair Program Eligibility Announcement (email 9/17/2015)

The McFarland Group is NOT a Grange (email 9/15/2015)

Emergency Shelter - Rio LInda Offer (email 9/13/2015)

Northern Cal Fire Emergency (email 9/13/2015)

California State Grange Support Clarification on Action Alert (email 9/01/2015)

Action Alert (email 9/01/2015)

UPDATE – the McFarland Group’s attempt to steal a Grange in Bakersfield 4 (email 8/29/2015)

Past Due, Dues Notices (email 8/25/2015)

URGENT NOTICE to all members - MUST READ (email 8/25/2015)

IMPORTANT - We cannot Stress Enough (email 8/23/2015)

Resolutions Welcome (email 8/20/2015)

National Grange Message (email 8/18/2015)

State Court Rules - McFarland Must Return Property! (email 8/18/2015)

Trademark Update (email 8/18/2015)

CSG Resolution - Fracking Ban (email 8/05/2015)


Amnesty Program (email 7/24/2015)

Published Today 7/16/15 (email 7/16/2015)

There is only 1 California State Grange and We are it! (email 7/14/2015)

Magical Entertainment @ the 140th (email 7/02/2015)

At the End of the Day (email 7/01/2015)

Court Case's Update 7/1/15 (email 7/01/2015)

California State Grange - Update 6/25/15 (email 6/25/2015)

California State Grange - Convention Update 6/20/15 (email 6/20/2015)

National Grange Files Trademark Motion for Summary Judgement (email 6/17/2015)

Every Members Invited* - Concert Friday 6/26/15 (email 6/14/2015)

Every Members Invited* - Concert Friday 6/26/15 (email 6/12/2015)

California State Grange - Convention Update 6/10/15 (email 6/10/2015)

Legal Update MSJ date moved (email 6/09/2015)

California State Grange - Update 6/5/15 (email 6/05/2015)

California State Grange - Convention Update 6/3/15 (email 6/03/2015)

Legal Update (email 6/01/2015)

California State Grange - Convention (email 5/31/2015)

Convention Hotel - Marriott Rancho Cordova (email 5/29/2015)

New Date for Motion of Summary Judgements to be heard (email 5/18/2015)

California State Grange - Reply to Defendants Luvaas, Parr, Bergeron, Yogo and Thomas (email 4/24/2015)

California State Grange - Reply to McFarland's Opposition (email 4/24/2015)

Overruled, Denied & "must be identified in the complaint with such certainty as to enable an officer, upon execution, to identify it" (email 4/24/2015)

California State Grange - Overseer, Meet Mike Warner (email 4/19/2015)

Please focus on Section 7-9 - NG opposition to McFarland's Group Demurrer (email 4/19/2015)

McFarland Group Opposition to California State Grange Motion for Summary Judgement (email 4/17/2015)

McFarland Opposition to National Granges Motion for Summary Judgement (email 4/17/2015)

Our Opposition to McFarland Motion for Summary Judegment (email 4/17/2015)

California State Grange, President, Ed Komski Deposition (email 4/16/2015)

Expo T-Shirt Fundraiser (email 4/15/2015)

Happy Easter (email 4/05/2015)

Road Trip 3 - Morgan Hill 4.12.15 (email 4/03/2015)

Meeting Notice of Board of Directors (email 4/03/2015)

Regional Update (email 3/12/2015)

Board of Directors Meeting - Notice (email 3/11/2015)

Road Trip (email 3/09/2015)

And For Very Good News - Dixon Grange #19 Reorganized Last evening (email 3/05/2015)

National Grange - Letter to California Members (email 3/05/2015)

Denied - Short Translation (email 3/02/2015)

Denied - McFarlands demurrer against California State Grange by CA Superior Court (email 3/02/2015)

ACourt Dismisses McFarland’s Defamation Claims Against the National Grange 1 (email 1/24/2015)

ACourt Dismisses McFarland’s Defamation Claims Against the National Grange 1 (email 1/19/2015)

McFarland Group motion to postpone and delay Trademark Lawsuit - DENIED by Federal Court (email 1/15/2015)

CA Superior Court Dismisses McFarland’s Defamation Claims Against the National Grange (email 1/15/2015)

Junior Grange Newsletter - Issue 1 - 2015 (email 1/14/2015)

Plaintiffs-in-Intervention, The California State Grange's and Ed Komski's, motion to consolidate and transfer is GRANTED. (email 1/14/2015)

Non-Profit, IRS, SOS and FTB 1 (email 1/12/2015)

Burton Eller - Nat'l Grange Legistlative Update (email 1/07/2015)

Non-Profit, IRS, SOS and FTB (email 1/05/2015)

Board Meeting 12/20 & 21/14 (email 1/01/2015)