Members Only Access

Under development

When done, you as a member of the Grange in California, may be granted access to our Members Only pages.

It will be necessary to complete an online form, requesting access to the Members Only pages. You will need to supply information about which Grange you are a member of, setup a user name and password. This form will be submitted to the State Grange for verification and approval. Once approved, you will receive an email to verify that access has been granted.

Once verification is completed, you can access the Membes Only home page, where you'll need to enter your user name and password. It is recommended that you bookmark that page.

If you need to reset your password, or just forgot your password, complete the online form and we will reply via an emai. Note, in order to protect the security of the Members Only site, and information contained on the site, it is a manual process to verify your identity, and may take to several hours or more to complete.